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MAY 20-22, 2022



For the last five reunions, we've collected news and updates from classmates and bound them together in a book. You can download a PDF version here. They're like a time capsule for the way we were. If you would like a printed version, contact me. 


The yearbook for the 35th reunion is almost done. The raw data is still on the BrightCrowd website and it will stay there as long as the University's contract with the company continues. But this version is fixed in metaphorical stone, which in this case means 256-bit encryption and a final layout in PDF form. 


The university asks us to protect the personal data. If you need a password, it lies in the intersection of Blake (not our past president) and a locomotive. Ten characters. No spaces. Two capital letters. Write me for more clues. -- Peter Wayner (


PU86@35 -- The Yearbook from 2021 (final draft from June 2021)

   Full resolution version (large >300mb), click here

   Lower resolution (<20mb), click here.

   ePub (for ereaders)

   mobi (for Kindle)

PU86@30 -- The Yearbook from 2016

PU86@25 -- The Yearbook from 2011

PU86@20 -- The Yearbook from 2006
PU86@15 -- The Yearbook from 2001

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